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On Friday, July 3rd, EMSI, a leading provider of Medical Record Retrieval, Legal and Life Insurance services, officially closed its doors.

The company issued a statement on their website indicating a significant decrease in service volumes due to the COVID-19 pandemic caused the sudden closure. This unexpected news has put a large volume of APS business at risk with customers feeling stranded, and their orders in limbo waiting to be fulfilled.

American Medical Solutions, Inc. has taken action to support critical orders and long-term APS business interests.

Average Turnaround Time: 7 Days

AMS will receive requests by utilizing the best option for you. FTP, fax, direct address, mail, and others are supported. We will prioritize requests already pending with EMSI ensuring they are handled first.

The process will follow the 4 R’s all include following strict HIPAA and State guidelines.

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Send us your requests. We’ll confirm receipt and acceptance.


We review your requirements and determine the quickest method of retrieval.


We execute. Proprietary channels enable fastest processing times and accuracy.


Prepared records are confidentially sent electronically as soon as possible.

You Have Likely Already Worked With Us

AMS worked closely with EMSI for over 20 years assisting in medical records retrieval and extraction. AMS works with many other requesters both large and small. AMS provides services to assist any requester with their Attending Physician Statement (APS) needs. We, of course, have HIPAA compliant technology and automated retrieval processes designed to quickly obtain the information while cutting costs and turnaround time. We can offer APS retrieval in all 50 states and territories as well as international requests in Mexico and Canada.

AMS handles all elements of the APS retrieval process including, expedited retrieval, fast turnaround times, field representatives to scan or deliver prepayments and/or handle special authorizations and expedited delivery back to you. We provide communication, electronic delivery and order entry, efficient record retrieval process, and provider fee prepayment facilitation.

AMS has over 20 years of experience in the medical records retrieval industry. We have forged relationships with healthcare providers, making us uniquely qualified to handle APS requests. We know how providers handle their medical records, have direct access to most electronic health record systems and can offer alternative procedures in an effort to obtain the requested records. APS retrieval is our primary focus. We feel our process and experience of retrieving medical information has enabled AMS to be better equipped than other retrieval companies.

When Can We Start? Immediately!

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